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Welcome to Uganda!

Uganda remains one of the safest destinations in Africa – save for the odd hippo at your campsite. Don't rush. Here you'll find the best the continent has to offer at a good value and with fewer visitors than in longer-established East African destinations. Mt Elgon is an extinct volcano that towers over the African plains and valleys, straddling the Ugandan-Kenyan border. The foothills provide the perfect place for tea and coffee plantations, in fact some of the finest coffee is grown in the Mount Elgon area, some of which you can taste at Sipi coffee shop. This is the perfect place for some one who want to take a short hike around Sipi Falls or those who want climb around a bit. There is Afro-Montane vegetation, Bamboo Forests, waterfalls, caves to explore and you will come across Blue Monkeys, Black and White Colobus. In some areas of the mountain, you will find a small herd of Monkey, Birds such as Jackson Francoline, can be spotted here.

What to Pack?

Working rechargeable headlamp or flashlight also called Torchlight, Nutrition – Extra food, Warm clothing - Blanket and a Sweater/Hoodie, Medication if you have any. A Backpack/Knapsack to carry your items.

Professional Guide

For every event, there is a lead guide or team chosen for their knowledge and expertise in the adventure locaton to guide and lead such event. Kindly follow their simple rules to keep things running smoothly, they are humans like you.

Photo Friendly

All photos we take on the adventure may be used by us for marketing and advertising purposes without recourse or payment of any kind to adventurers. Adventurers have the right to not have their photos taken on the adventure on request.

Packages Available

· Meals · Hiking · Entry fee to Tour sites · Guide fees · Service Fee . Accommodation:

Does this look like fun? Book tickets today! Pay in installements. $200 for deposit.

Our Pricing Guide

OUr trips have been made very affordable. WE give little discount if you're two coming together.

17-64 years
  • 6 days
  • Access to all attractions
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Postcards
  • Flight excluded

Trip Itinerary

Here is a brief of the Backpacking Trip

Day 1-Welcome to Uganda
Arrival at Airport and city sightseeing during drive. Lodge in your Hotel. Welcome to Africa!! Day 1- Kampala city tour On this city tour we will wake you up on to the, amazing experience, with our famous Kampala city , you will experience and enjoy, impressive educational experience, accompany with history and culture, get ready and taste the real Uganda . Activities to be done in Kampala Visit-Kabakas-lake, Kabakas-palace Parliament of Buganda Rubaka casiro, GADDAFI m, Taxi park Markets in the city such as Nakasesoro Owino, as well as moles. Time: 4hours
Day 2 –Sipi Falls
We will pick you up at your hotel or organise place for the journey to Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda, a 5 hour journey past the Mabira Forest, then on to Sipi Falls where we check in at Lodge for the next two nights. Sipi Falls Lodge is on the lower end of up-market lodging when it comes to price but not quality, the surroundings and the excellent food served here which you will find a delight. Rooms come with en-suite bath . Enjoy a delightful lunch, most with local ingredients grown around the Mount Elgon area, even the coffee or tea comes from around here. The lodge has an excellent cuisine that you will enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After Lunch explore the nearby main Sipi Falls which is actually a set of 4 falls, there are caves behind the main falls. Look out for lots of birds to discover as you climb to the top of the falls. The views are breathtaking, the hike will take about 2 1/2 hours or longer and make for a great afternoon. Be sure to explore the caves behind the falls. Look out for golden Winged and Tacazze Sunbirds , Turacos and Hornbill birds. Return to Lodging for dinner and a wonderful view of the scenery around you. And then head to the sunset walk to the king’s point later 5:30 pm to enjoy the most amazing sunset watching the natural beauty surrounds us. Lodging: Sipi Lodge Meal Plan: Lunch – Dinner
Day 3- Mt Greenbull
Day 3– Sipi Falls: Morning Breakfast which is delightful at Sipi Falls lodge and then there are quite a few choices of activities . * Mqountain Biking inside of the park on the mountain trails * Hiking inside or outside of the park * Rock climbing – guided * Abseiling * Caving To those who are adrenaline jackies after a lovely breakfast, the guide will pick you up for an amazing experience of Abseiling or rock-climbing that will take you 1 half hours The above are just a few – there are others that you can partake it…or simply take a walk – read a book and relax in the quiet of the lodge Lunch at Sipi Lodge Afternoon another activity Take lunch for the day and off we go for a day of hiking on take a day, there are splendid views of Mount Elgon and the valleys below. Fields of wildflowers, butterflies, and birds such as the black and white casqued Hornbill, Hartlaub’s Turaco, bar-tailed Trogon, grey throated Barbet, Montane Oriole, Mountain Greenbull and Black Collared Apalis to name just a few. We enjoy our picnic lunch along the way and return to the lodging facility in the late afternoon. Dinner and rest at Sipi Lodge. Lodging: Sipi Lodge Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
Day 4 -Trek to Nile RIver Park
Breakfast and then it is off for Jinja where we go to the Source of the Nile River Park and see where the White Nile and Lake Victoria merge. Lunch at the Sunset Hotel overlooking the Nile River and then visit Itanda Falls – Bujagali falls is no more since the dam was built…Itanda for the time being is still in full force. Back to Kampala to your Hotel reaching there in the early evening. Some of the things to do and see can be done within the three days, others may be added on additional days.
Day 5 –Kampala
-Back to Kampala. Day 6 – Departure & Transfer back to Airport

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