What are Adventure tours?

As the first startup in Nigeria to pursue pure adventure tourism to, we have succeeded over the years to cultivate an adventure culture in Nigeria by first building a community that can fuel this new craving. We bring the adventure culture into the mainstream entertainment of the everyday Nigerian. Our socio-adventure activities in the jungle, mountain, whitewater and wilderness provide a fun, and exhilarating experiences for people from all walks of life.

Adventure tours are mostly stressful but rewarding tours. The trips are not designed to shield you from the realities of life in the places we will be visiting, in fact, most places we visit in Nigeria and beyond are remote and still having tourism in its infancy. We keep our tour group as small as possible to carter and carry everyone along. Usually a group of 5-15 people. We do this to create a unique experience as it is easy to carter and work with small groups.

Leave the planning to us and we’ll leave the adventuring and growth to you. Our specialists can plan a comprehensive program that matches your needs, your interests, your timeline, and your budget. Trust me there a lot of places in Nigeria and beyond that fit into your budget. We also offer customized adventure packages for  private entities and corporate companies looking for team-building training and memorable outdoor experiences



Meet the awesome people behind Naidrenalin



Mayowa Blades is the founder of Naidrenalin Adventures, an avid adventurer, naturalist with huge outdoor experience home and abroad, he has been promoting local tourism especially among Nigerian youths. His passion for adventure began in his early undergraduate days abroad, he is a trained travel photographer, a sustainable leader, and travel contributor to many travel magazines such as: The Guardian Newspaper Nigeria, BackpackersMag USA, CometoNigeria and many more. He has a ceritficate in Sustainability Leadership and Corporate Responsibility from London Business School the knowledge he puts into good use in providing eco-sustainable solutions to African tourism.

Favourite Adventure:

UK Three Peak challenge-Conquering the three peaks of United Kingdom in 3 days-




Kehinde is a trained first aider registered with the international red cross , hike expert and a Taekwondo trainer, he creates expedition logistics experiences for our adventure activities. He loves photography, board games and makes everyone smile during adventure operations.

Favourite Adventure:

Conquering the highest peak in west africa and one the top 30 hardest hike in the world-Mt. Cameroon



Jamaica Bakare is the team lead of Naidrenalin Adventures in Abuja, he as cootrdinated more than a 100 hikes and have mapped out tseveral rails in different locations in Nigeria. His long outdoor experience is a huge contribution to the team Naidrenalin

Favourite Adventure:

Conquering the horn hills Abuja


Bola John is a trained medical doctor, documentary photographer and an outdoor lover. She is the team lead of Lagos Naidrenalin. Her photography have been featured on magazines andexhibitions.In her spare time she speaks on general issues including outdoor adventures on her podcast.


Favourite Adventure:

Camping in Rostov, Russia


Nobleland is an environmental non-profit tree planting organization in Las Vegas, U.S.A with a mission to conserve the lungs of planet Earth, forests. We are morally obliged to sustain nature’s diversity, maintain our planet’s health and most importantly fight climate change for present and future generations.



River Ethiope

The River Ethiope is found in the Delta State of Nigeria. The River originates from a community called Umuaja and flows through several others before joining the sea at Sapele. The River is shared by four local government councils namely … Read More

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Afi Drill & Ranch

To begin with? What is a Drill? Drills are short-tailed rain forest monkeys (males reach over 45kg) found only in Cross River State, Nigeria: southwestern Cameroon: and on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. Their scientific name is  Mandrillus leucophaeus. Unfortunately, these magnificent … Read More

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Riyom Rock, Plateau State

How to get there: It is located 25km South-West from Jos, the capital city of Plateau State, along Jos-Akwanga Road in Riyom local government. It is the settlement of the Berom People. Details/Little history: It catches your eyes from afar … Read More

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Agbokim Waterfalls

On your way to Obudu Mountain Resort, the most popular tourist destination in Cross River State, is a beautiful sight you might miss if you’re too engrossed with your trip. While you plan a holiday’s details to the letter, it … Read More

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Kajuru Hills, Kaduna

Description: Kajuru Castle is soon becoming a top new tour destination in Nigeria, we visited twice. But apart from the magnificent medieval castle, Kajuru village where the castle is located is blessed with various hills. On our last visit, we hiked … Read More

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Sobi Hills, Ilorin

Interesting Facts- At 394m above sea level, Sobi hills is the highest peak in Ilorin. From it’s top you can see almost every part of Ilorin emirate city. It derives its name from Sobi community in Ilorin, Kwara State. The hill which … Read More

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Awhum Waterfalls and Caves, Enugu

 “Awhum” sometimes written as “Owhum ” but pronounced “Ohum” and also spelt “Ohum” on google map.is a limestone cave about a thirty-minute drive from Enugu, capital city Enugu State, Eastern Nigeria, snakes through a stretch of steep sided and picturesque hills … Read More

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Ogbunike Caves

  Fact Visitors must remove their shoes before entering the caves, as per tradition.  And women who are having their monthly cycle cannot go in. Served for years as a escape and hide place during pre-colonial times and also during … Read More

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Assop Waterfalls, Jos

Description: Assop Waterfall is a natural waterfall occurring at the bottom of the famous Hawan Kibo, a rocky uneven hill stretching a long distance below which members of the immediate community live and by which the community, is named. Location: … Read More

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Mount Patti, Lokoja

Heard of Mount Patti? Probably Not! Apart from the confluence of River Niger & Benue, Mount Patti is another Lokoja’s best-known landmark but still an untapped resource, and what many don’t know is that it is also a hiker’s paradise … Read More

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