Naidrenalin- The “Naija Adrenaline” Organization

We are changing the African narrative by providing fun, active and exhilarating experiences for people from all walks of life without any barrier of age, gender, or religion on our socio-adventure activities in the jungle, mountain, whitewater and wilderness through tours and expeditions.”

Who are we?

We are an African adventure firm that runs pure thrilling adventure tours such as camping, hiking, mountaineering and wilderness expeditions. We are the first startup in Nigeria to pursue pure adventure tourism in a place where the culture is practically non-existing. We have succeeded over the years to cultivate an adventure culture in Nigeria by first building a community that can fuel this new craving.

What are Adventure tours?

Adventure tours are mostly stressful but rewarding tours. The trips are not designed to shield you from the realities of life in the places we will be visiting, in fact, most places we visit in Nigeria and beyond are remote and still having tourism in its infancy. We keep our tour group as small as possible to carter and carry everyone along. Usually a group of 5-15 people. We do this to create a unique experience as it is easy to carter and work with small groups.

Leave the planning to us and we’ll leave the adventuring and growth to you. Our specialists can plan a comprehensive program that matches your needs, your interests, your timeline, and your budget. Trust me there a lot of places in Nigeria and beyond that fit into your budget. We also offer customized adventure packages for  private entities and corporate companies looking for team-building training and memorable outdoor experiences 








Mayowa Blades-Founder/CEO

Blades is the Founder of Naidrenalin Adventures and avid adventurer, a nature lover with huge outdoor experience home and abroad, he has been promoting Adventure tourism especially among Nigerian youths through this platform”. A trained Engineer, photographer and travel contributor to many travel magazines (in Nigeria and beyond) such as: The Guardian Newspaper Nigeria, The Spark magazine, BackpackersMag, CometoNigeria.

Favourite adventure experience – Abseiling down into a Kayak and Kayaking 10km towards Survival Island, Anum Ghana

Describe yourself in 3 words – Adventurous, Curious, Maverick

If I had a superpower it would be – Flying freely like a bird









Jamaica Bakare, Team Lead Abuja & Hiking Administration

Jamaica joined the firm during its infant stage and has since proven himself to be an indispensable team member. He has participated and coordinated close to 50 expeditions in various outdoor terrains since joining Naidrenalin Adventuress

Favourite adventure experience – Hiking the toughest hills of Abuja. Out of 80 people only 5 people made it to the peak. I was among the 5.

Describe yourself in 3 words – Adventurous, Funny, Free minded

If I had a superpower it would be – Make River Niger flow on cold beer.



Kenny Bayo, First Aid Officer

Kenny is a certified First Aid person and head of our emergency team. He is also a certified Martial Artist.

Favourite adventure experience – Kayaking 12km on Lake Volta in Ghana.

Describe yourself in 3 words – Adventurous, Boardgame lover, Nature enthusiast 

If I had a superpower it would be – will make Nigeria a better place.