The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” (G.K. Chesterton)


Most times we often have to explain our adventure travelling style to new travelers joining our trips, unlike other tour operators our style is quite different and below we explain our we operate:

Our tours/events are not luxury tours they are small group adventure tours. Adventure tours are mostly stressful but rewarding tours.The trips are not designed to shield you from the realities of life in the places we will be visiting, in fact most places we visit in Nigeria and beyond are remote and still having tourism in its infancy, We will always ensure your safety and strive to give you the best but there will always be occasions where you encounter discomfort, inconvenience or frustration. It is important that you are prepared to accept these as they are. That’s the adventure! Very unpredictable yet very rewarding. Adventure trips gives you the best of memories.


During our visit to places which are in most cases remote, we always ask people to willing contribute to help the local community. These contributions are voluntary and not mandatory.


Tour Group size – Unlike other operators who will try and sell as many groups as they can, we keep our tour group as small as possible to carter and carry everyone along. Usually a group of 5-15 people, at worst we take 20.  We do this to create a unique experience as it is easy to carter and work with small groups.remote areas, we don’t want to overwhelm remote locals with a sudden influx of tourists, 

Departures – Time is very important especially take off time. We always leave at the set time. We do however give a grace of few minutes of lateness. (15 minutes)

Transport – We use mainly private transport on our trips so that we can play games, play music and enjoy our trip by stopping  for photos of that fantastic sunset, or to take a few minutes to take a quick great photos of a picturesque landscape.. Depending on the size of the group, this may be a minibus, sports utility vehicle or car. 

Accommodation – The accommodation we use on our tours is carefully selected to add to your overall experience, and where possible is very comfortable. However we believe that often the best option may not be a four star hotel in town but a small comfortable guesthouse, a hostel or a tented camp.

Our guides – For every event, there is a lead guide or team chosen for their knowledge and expertise in the adventure locaton to guide and lead such event. Kindly follow their simple rules to keep things running smoothly, they are humans like you.

 Payments – Unlike many other travel companies, we do always require you pay a deposit to commit to a trip, and full payment before the event. we don’t accept payment on the event day and we don’t accept cash. Please kindly note that payment are non-refundable.