Suntan Beach

Everyone loves a day at the beach, but that’s exactly the problem: everyone loves a day at the beach, and there’s nothing like being jammed in to a heaving crowd to ruin a perfectly good day trip. So if you fancy a day by the sea without the crowds and the tackiness, Coconut Beach also called Suntan Beach is your best bet. A beautiful beach in the coastal town of Badagry, west of Lagos. The beach is attractively set in an area surrounded by coconut trees. About 20 miles towards the border of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, Coconut Beach is accessible through the Lagos-Badagry expressway. Visitors will find a friendly relaxed atmosphere


How to get there

How to get there: Once you get to Badagry, from Badagry roundabout Suntan beach is about 10 minutes drive along the expressway. It is on the border of Benin republic. There are shared cab going from the across the roundabout. Fee is N100


Entrance fee:

N500 Adult, N200 Children. The gazebos are priced for around 2500N for a group but try to hassle, they can collect as low as N 200 for a single person, depends on how best you bargain with them.


What to do:

  1. Horse riding
  2. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea.
  3. A good place to reflect and meditate, the quiet and calm environment makes you feel all the more relaxed. 


Do not dare the sea, don’t try to go far into the sea

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