Mountain Afadja, Ghana

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One of the highest peaks in Ghana, this forested hiking destination features valley of the highest mountains in Ghana standing at an elevation of 885 metres (2,904 ft). The mountain is located in the Agumatsa Range near the villages of Gbledi and Liati Wote, in the Volta Region of Ghana at the border with Togo. ‘Afadja’ is the name of the mountain whereas ‘to’ in the Ewe dialect means mountain therefore, it is called ‘Afadjato’ by the indigenes.


How to get there:

A 4 hours30 minutes car/bus drive from Accra is enough to arrive the destination.

Things to do there:

The best things to do while in Afadja are:

  1. Hiking the Afadjato to appreciate nature,
  2. Taste the sweetest fruit ever “ahanya”
  3. Sightseeing from the top of the Hill,

Ahanya fruit


5 Ghanaian Cedis per person and extra tip for the tour guide.

Hike Overview

Distance: 8km out and back

Difficulty: Intermediate

Total Hiking Duration: 2-3 hours(as a group)- Fit individual (1 hr 30 minute)

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