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Dumi is a village from the Southeast of Bauchi City in Bauchi Local Government Area of Bauchi State. It is an outskirt settlement from the city centre; Dumi is a beautiful settlement with many hills and a lake. Due to the presence of many different hills, the adventurer or tourist decides which of the hills to hike at a time. On average each hill takes 50 minuets hiking up to the top and view the beautiful magnificent sunset (evening) and the beautiful sky. Some parts of Bauchi City can also be viewed from the top. The elevation of the hills is not certain.

How to get there:

A 30 minute car/bus drive is enough to arrive the destination no matter the traffic situation. The main road leading to Dumi is Railway Road which links to the Bauchi Industrial Area up to Dumi (the road is good). There are two other alternative roads, the first is Kofar Wambai Road down to Kandahar/Eid Ground Road  which links to Railway Road and down to Dumi. The second alternative road is from Murtala Mohammed Road down to Federal Low-cost Road which links to Railway Road, then down to Dumi.

Things to Do There:

The best things to do while in Dumi is hiking the hills to appreciate nature, feed the fishes in the lake (fishing is not allowed), tour the Dumi village and interact with the friendly locals, view and appreciate the local Hausa traditional mud architectures.


Keep it in mind, there is no any gate fees or any other similar thing like that; it is a free and open place for anyone visiting.

Hike Overview

Distance: 2.4 miles out and back

Difficulty: Intermediate

Hiking Duration: 50 minutes

Season: All round


In conclusion, please always be nice to the locals, appreciate them, and do help them in whatever way if there is a need.


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Team Bauchi Friends



  1. Ibrahim Muhammad Jungudo

    A very interested village in Bauchi local government area Bauchi State I am amoung the setliment

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