Adventure Tips

5 Awesome visa free or visa on arrival destinations for The Nigerian travellers.

-By Adebayo Ebenezer Mayowa (originally written for Guardian Nigeria) A frustrated Nigerian traveller once wrote on Twitter: Having a traveller’s soul and a Nigerian passport has to be the top two worst combinations in the world. Many of us wish … Read More

National Parks in Nigeria

  Nigeria’s National Parks offer spectacular landscapes and varied activities for outdoor enthusiasts. But what if you want to emphasize the “wild” in wildlife? We’ve searched out the best national parks for viewing wildlife in its natural habitats as well as … Read More

Mangrove Forest: Something Fishy In Epe

    BY ADEBAYO MAYOWA EBENEZER01 DECEMBER 2019   |   8:27 PM FIRST PUBLISHED IN GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER   Away from the hustle and bustle of crowded Lagos is the Epe creek. Epe is synonymous with fish. A sculpture of … Read More

Camping in Nigeria – Where to go and What to take?

  Camping- Have you ever been engrossed in work and daily life activities that you feel a rush to go somewhere far away from work and probably out of the city. It so easy for our minds to be so … Read More

Romantic Adventure Destinations in Africa

Europe is always regarded as the perfect destination for a romantic city break. Once a romantic getaway comes to mind, the first place we think about are Paris-the city of eternal love, or Prague, or even Venice where everyone becomes … Read More

5 days Adventure Trave Guide to Ghana.

Imagine yourself paddling a kayak towards an island through the dense belly of the Lake Volta. Can you picture walking side by side with little village kids on your way chasing a waterfall? Maybe a bike trek along the tarred … Read More

Backpacking In Nigeria-Tips & Guide

  Originally Published on “The Spark magazine” of  Business Day Newspaper-written by Adebayo Mayowa Blades As adults, we spend a huge amount of our lives indoors-from waking up from your bed , off to  work in a car  and then  … Read More

Tips For Hiking in Hot Weather Nigeria

Nigeria is a tropical country which means most places are sunny and hot. Along with the sun can come intense heat, and if you don’t manage the combination of the two properly, your fun day can turn into a distress. … Read More

10 Beautiful Hidden Gems In Nigeria

BY ADEBAYO MAYOWA BLADES 01 OCTOBER 2018   |   PUBLISHED FIRST BY THE GUARDIAN LIFESTYLE Nigeria has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. Many of these places are sure to leave visitors breathing hard with suspense and excitement. Here are some … Read More

Road Trip, Beliefs, Snacking and Thinking Out Loud!

  Mortals  come and go, but nature remains. In all ramifications Nigeria is beautiful! And her Natural sites are stuck in between fun and beliefs.  “Tradition and beliefs” have served as a powerful heuristic term of most tourist places in … Read More