We all crave what is beyond the everyday. The new, the exciting, the unordinary. Where we don’t just pass the time, we forget it even exists.

This is your chance to reboot!


Your world, Your Rules, Your terms!

If you’re someone that enjoy adventure best with a group of your own choosing, worry no more. We have good deals and packages for you.




1-Got your group of four or more? Great!

2-Now the fun part – selecting your trip! Here is list of fun adventure Nigeria can offer-

• Kayaking

Canopy walk

• Ziplining

• Mountain/Hills Hiking

• Camping


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Bungee Jump (not so tall 45m)

3-Done selecting your adventures? Now Pick your own date
5-Any enhancements to add? Feeding, transport, Photos, music etc. It’s your adventure so tailor it to your taste.

6-Call our Private Groups hotline to book a tour-0808-646-8480 or 08175437080 or 08058963866

7-Tell your group the exciting news and celebrate.


Here is one of our numerous tours

Naidrenalin customized group tour in Lagos (One Day)

Itineraries of our One-day tour, events and activities

• Zip Line | Go Once
• Power Fan/ Bungee Jump | Once
• Kayaking 45 minutes (You learn all the paddling tips and techniques before you start, the boats are sturdy enough, and there is always a life jacket-so safety is 100% guaranteed-You don’t need to know how to swim. Most of our clients have no knowledge of kayaking or swimming)
• Transportation around event places(inclusive)
• Feeding
• Soft copies of Photos from event available after event

Total cost-25,000 Naira per person

We also advise for your comfort you bring along with you a good mood, lots of smile, forms of entertainment (board games-scrabble, skipping ropes, card games etc), flip flops.

You can also join our adventure club and participate in our monthly adventure events around Nigeria. www.naidrenalin.com.ng (under the become a member category). After that send your number, name and email to naidrenalin@gmail.com to join our adventure whatsapp group.

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