The Naidrenalin Organization  has a subsidiary Adventure Club  that connects members through local events and outdoor activities. Our yearly membership is N3000. We’re a group of adventure enthusiast who seek adventure in our lives.

We all have different definitions of what an adventure is.  What does it mean to you? Keep scrolling to learn about all our amazing benefit

Perks of being a Member

Get out yourself out of your comfort zone

We’ll have monthly day-adventures in Abuja, Lagos, Ilorin and Portharcourt and one yearly “All Naidren”-adventures,where we all meet as one from different states.

Experience Nature and other wonderful outdoor activities

One big purchase and membership more than pays for itself.

Identify as a club member.

Club membership includes a membership travel i.d card. You can also be a club ambassador by wearing our shirts to outdoor events. Check our store to see what we have in stock.


Play, learn and travel for less

Get special pricing on our monthly outdoor adventures and events

What being a member means:

  1. Discount on all paid outdoor activities (members only). As a Naid you get to pay less to get more!
  2. Members-only special offers. You stand a chance to get represent the club at partner events for free..
  3. Unique personalized membership  I.D. cards and Membership card are given after you become a member.


 Membership Card and I.D Card

Your membership card is a way to show your friends and colleagues that you are a part of a Network that is dedicated to building a more active and outdoor mindset among Nigerians.

Ready to join or renew?


Registration as a Naids requires three easy steps.  Completion of all steps is required in order to create a user account for our website, your portal to booking spots on N.A events.

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1 – Complete the registration form.
  • Step 2 – Complete payment using available payment methods

Just click the button to get started.