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Sustainability in Nigeria-any green flag?

By-Mayowa Blades In 1956 when oil was discovered in Nigeria, this was the beginning of a new journey for a country that would later get independence from Great Britain four years after. Sixty-two years later, Nigeria, now Africa’s largest oil … Read More

As it is in Abeokuta, so it is in Dassa-Zoume.

-By Mayowa  Blades In some countries, one would wish one were an animal; a cow in India or a python in the Benin republic. In ancient war times, most settlers tried to find a place of refuge that would offer … Read More

Facts you should know about Ukraine

I have been to Ukraine twice and to Russia three times. I have only been met by kindness on both sides of the borders. And the countries are furthermore closely connected like the Nordic countries are, like Spain and Portugal … Read More

Backpacking School of Travel- BST interview series with Elizabeth Ojewunmi

Hi, lovely to have you on this new and first edition of the Backpacking School of Travel- BST interview series ( a revamped edition of our previous Ajala Interview Series) 1.Kindly introduce yourself briefly. My name is Elizabeth (Eli) Ojewunmi. … Read More

Top Ten Highest Mountains in Africa

Here are the top highest moutain ranges in africa and all are above 4000m. Terminologies: Mountain – A geological, or land, feature that rises 600m above the immediately surrounding area. Peak – A point on a mountain that is higher … Read More

Backpacking Hostels; What are they?

Do you like to travel on a budget? Do you love to meet other travellers on your journey? Then the hostel might be a good option for you. So what are hostels? Most people think of boarding houses or university … Read More

10 Ultimate Things to do in Lagos-By Adebayo Ebenezer Mayowa

I originally published it on Guardian Nigeria. Here is the full version: 1.Go tanning/beaching. Lagos, which is also eko, was renamed. The name Lagos is a Portuguese word that means lakes. You can’t visit Lagos without seeing at least one … Read More

5 Awesome visa free or visa on arrival destinations for The Nigerian travellers.

-By Adebayo Ebenezer Mayowa (originally written for Guardian Nigeria) A frustrated Nigerian traveller once wrote on Twitter: Having a traveller’s soul and a Nigerian passport has to be the top two worst combinations in the world. Many of us wish … Read More

7 Indoor Plants you need for your Nigerian Home

Covid changed the lifestyle of most people. Many had to adjust to this life, and even though things are now better, some are still working from home. This makes it necessary to make the home as conducive as possible for … Read More

An Unforgettable Train Trip To Abeokuta

By Mayowa  Blades Magic sometimes resides in a box. A train ride is a beautiful experience. Outside, you get to see the beautiful landscape transverse behind you and inside; you meet new people on your journey. Since the new ultra-modern … Read More