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10 Questions We Asked Fu’ad OnTravelling Around Nigeria in 80days

    If you’re planning the trip of a lifetime but need some inspiration, read on. Fu’ad Lawal visited every state in Nigeria in 80 days – and he still wants more. Road trips are beautiful but moving around Nigeria can be very challenging especially the … Read More

Tourist Attractions In Nigeria- 36 states

Each time I travel into a new city/state in Nigeria, the first thing I wanna do is to look for beautiful tourist places I could explore, be it man-made or natural. And it’s not always easy getting the right info … Read More

Owu Waterfalls-A Wonder In The Wilderness

Is there anything that captures nature’s majesty more than a waterfall? I think not! After my visit to Erin Ijesha, chasing waterfalls had this a sequence-Get to the place-Pay for ticket-Here is the waterfall-Catch Fun-Take Pictures-Say Bye. Then we got … Read More

Museum in Nigeria

MUSEUMS Whether you are just visiting a friend in the capital or are you came for work purpose, nuseums  top attractions where you can learn more about Niger’s rich history one exhibition at a time, Naidrenalin  presents the definitive bucket … Read More

Hiking in Nigeria – What You Need on the Trail

Hiking in Nigeria is still not much of a culture here but we are getting there gradually. Getting out into nature, clearing your head and getting fresh air – these are the things that can keep you sane and healthy … Read More

Memorable Trip To Idanre Hills

Despite the fact that Nigeria is blessed with various hills and mountains, hiking is still not a culture in Nigeria, but gradually it’s gaining ground with few hiking clubs around. As Naidrenalin, we are proud to say we have conquered … Read More

Tarkwa Bay

What’s a man without a little ego, what is a woman without a little pain? What’s adventure without a surprise? This adventure came with surprise-Shh don’t rush its a surprise. Girl, I want to make you sweat, sweat till you … Read More

Meet Dinara Ermakova-Our First Featured Foreign Ajala

Three years ago, I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Dinara Ermakova, we met at an event in Kazan, Russia and because she spoke very good English we connected easily  and became friends, we talked about how we wanted … Read More

Meet Patrick Eze-Ajala Of The Month of April

On our New column- “Ajala Of The Month” our first story is-The Adventure Series of Our Very Good Friend -Patrick Eze Origin of the word “Ajala”- Ajala is an African version of what Europe had -Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand … Read More

The Trip To Badagry

Allahu Akbar! God is great! Those were the words of my mouth and I am not even a Muslim. Still trying to spit out the salty water in my mouth, the tides of water came on my foot with crabs … Read More