Top Ten Highest Mountains in Africa

Here are the top highest moutain ranges in africa and all are above 4000m.


  • Mountain – A geological, or land, feature that rises 600m above the immediately surrounding area.
  • Peak – A point on a mountain that is higher than other local points (one way to think of this is if you need to descend to reach another peak, you were standing on one, to begin with).  A mountain will very often have multiple, if not numerous, peaks.
  • Summit – The highest point on a mountain.  Every summit is also a peak, but not every peak is a summit.
  • The prominence: The minimum height of climb to the summit on any route from a higher peak, or from sea level if there is no higher peak.

1. Kilimanjaro Mountain Range

Altitude: 5895-5100m

Mountains(Summit): Kibo(Uhuru Peak), Mawenzi(Hans Meyer)

First Ascent: 1889



2. Mt. Kenya

Altitude: 5199-4985m

Mountains(Summit): Mt. Kenya(Bantian Peak), Mt. Kenya(Mawenzi(Nelion), Mt. Kenya(Lenana

First Ascent: 1899


3.Rwenzori Mountain Range

Altitude: 5109-4391m

Mountains(Summit): Mt Stanley(Savoia), Mt. Speke(Vittorio Emanuele Peak),  Mt. Baker(Edward), Mt.Emin(Umberto), , Mt.Speke, Mt. Gessi(Iolanda), Mt. Luigi di Savoia(Sella), Mt. Portal Peaks(Kihuma)

First Ascent: 1906

Location:Uganda/DR Congo


4.Semien Mountain Range

Altitude: 4550-4400m

Mountains(Summit): Mt. Ras Dashen,  Mt Ancua, Mt. Kidis Yared, Mt. Bwahit.

First Ascent: 1906

Location:Rwanda/DR Congo


5.Meru Mountain Range

Altitude: 4566m

Mountains(Summit): Mt Meru(Socialist)

First Ascent: 1904


6.Virunga Mountain Range

Altitude: 4507m-4437m

Mountains(Summit): Mt Karisimbi, Mt. Mikeno, Muhavura

First Ascent: 1903/1927

Location:Rwanda/DR Congo/Uganda

7.Bale Mountain Range

Altitude: 4337m

Mountains(Summit): Tullu Demtu

First Ascent:


8. Elgon  Mountain Range

Altitude: 4321-4302m

Mountains(Summit): Mt. Elgon(Wagagai, Sudek)

First Ascent:1890

Location:Uganda, Kenya


9. Kollo Massif


Mountains(Summit): Mt.Amba Farit, Mt. Ioll/Yoll

First Ascent:


10. Lasta Massif

Altitude: 4260-4193m

Mountains(Summit): Mt. Abune Yosef

First Ascent:



11. Guna Massif

Altitude: 4195-4193m

Mountains(Summit): Mt. Bada, Mt. Kaka

First Ascent:



12. Toubkal Atlas Mountain Range

Altitude: 4088m

Mountains(Summit): Mt. Ouanoukrim

First Ascent:


14.Central High Atlas

Altitude: 4068m

Mountains(Summit): Mt. Ighil Mgoun

First Ascent:


15.Cameroon Line

It is the highest point in sub-Saharan western and central Africa,the fourth-most prominent peak (@3905m) in Africa( after Kilimanjaro(5885m), Semien’s Ras Dashen(3997),Rwenzori’s Mt Stanley(3951m), and the 31st-most prominent in the world.

Altitude: 4040m

Mountains(Summit): Mt. Cameroon

First Ascent:




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