Mount Patti, Lokoja

Heard of Mount Patti? Probably Not! Apart from the confluence of River Niger & Benue, Mount Patti is another Lokoja’s best-known landmark but still an untapped resource, and what many don’t know is that it is also a hiker’s paradise with numerous trails, amazing views and plenty of interesting facts to learn. The road to Mount Patti built then by the colonialist is a snaking road with sharp bending similar to  hill top road that leads to Miliken hills in Enugu.


  1. The name Nigeria was coined in Lokoja when Lord Luggard’s wife (Flora Shaw) was looking at River Niger. that makes Lokoja a historical place for everyone to visit.
    In Lokoja also sits the first residence and house of Lord Luggard when he got to Nigeria.
  2. The confluence of the River Niger and the River Benue also meet in Lokoja thereby giving the state the moniker “The confluence state”
  3. Mount Patti  is primarily an open-access place with people jogging up the hills early weekend mornings.
  4. The Mountains in Lokoja are very peculiar in that they are mostly sharped edged, the top of Mount Patti is plain and gives that impression of the popular table mountain in South Africa.
  5. You can walk or jog or drive up to the mountain, or even abseil down it, depending on your expertise and fitness levels, but be warned.  Always hike in a group , carry a water bottle and dress in light clothing.



1,500 feet or 458.3 meters

How to get here

Mountain  Patti is easily accessible by car, taxi, keke and bus, it just a stone throw from the Government House in Lokoja. You can even take a City Sightseeing at the top of the mountain, if you have a binocular come along it with it.

Around the area

Mount Patti is also popular with hikers, particularly at weekend morning. I counted close to 300 people coming up and down before we got to the top.

Get around

The mountain top is also the location of NTA Lokoja, so foot traffic and car are allowed.

What will it cost

Free hike-No amount is required for now.

Hike Duration

Hiking takes about 40-45 minutes to the top, and jogging might take about 25-30 minutes depending on how fast you’re going.

What to pack

It’s generally a  bit hot at the top so best you go in the morning, dress light, go with water, you could have a picnic at the top.

Where to stay

Lokoja has ample accommodation options. A double room in a hotel will cost around N7000-N10,000 per person for a night for single room, it’s advisable to get hotels around the location.


Lokoja is a Nice place to visit, and make sure you visit the confluence of river Benue and Niger

Pictures from our Tour

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