Jebba, Nigeria


Jebba a  Nupe word from “Je” meaning flow and “Ba” here-gives the meaning “water is flowing here.” Jebba is a little town in Kwara State, on the border with Niger State. It was briefly the first capital of the British protectorate of Northern Nigeria.  Juju Rock,  is a massive granite island-hill formation in the River Niger, off Jebba. It’s situated in the island people often refer to as the Ancient Jebba. This same rock formation has a look alike just not too far from the same river bank. The Locals regards this as the wife of the Juju Rock.

“Juju” a word for Voodoo in Nigeria gives that scary thought but trust me its a welcoming sight. Though the  rock has been a source of fear to many explorers among which is the popular Scottish explorer- Mungo Park whose shipwrecked  at its foot on October 7th 1857. From the foot of the Rock one could site numerous birds, wild monkeys and a few bush rodents.


How to get there:

A 1:30 minute car/bus drive from Ilorin is enough to arrive the destination no matter the traffic situation. The main road leading to Jebba  is Jebba/Mokwa Road which links the South to the North.

Things to do there:

The best things to do while in Jebba are:

  1. Canoeing around the River Niger,
  2. Hiking the Juju Rock to appreciate nature,
  3. Fishing in the River with locals, tour of  the GunGun village and interact with the friendly locals, view and appreciate the local Hausa/Nupe  traditions.
  4. Visit the Mungo Parks Cenotaph,
  5. Sightseeing from the Jebba Old Railway,
  6. Stopping at the Boarder of Kwara and Niger and taking a picture one leg in Kwara, one leg in Niger State.


Keep it in mind, there is no any gate fees or any other similar thing like that; it is a free and open place for anyone visiting. But always give gifts to your tour guides and Locals.

Hike Overview

Distance: 2.4 miles out and back

Difficulty:Hard (Climb)

Hiking Duration: 1hr 30minutes

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