Yankari in 1956 started as a game reserve and was later updated to a National Park in 1991.

So what’s the difference between a National Park and a Game reserve and a Forest Reserve?

First, ownership: A National Park is designated by the government and can never be private while a game reserve can be privately or publicly owned.
Also, the sole purpose of a Game reserve is to preserve wildlife.

A game reserve (also known as a wildlife preserve)is a large area of land where wild animals live safely or are hunted in a controlled way for sport. If hunting is prohibited, a game reserve may be considered a nature reserve.

A National Park is usually very large in landmass and can also have a game reserve in it- an example is Gashaka Gumpti Taraba State which is Nigeria Largest Park gazetted from two game reserves

Game reserves in Nigeria include:

National Parks in Nigeria includes:


Forest reserves in Nigeria

  1. Afi River Forest Reserve
  2. Akure Forest Reserve
  3. Akure Ofosu Forest Reserve
  4. Edumanom Forest Reserve
  5. Gujba Forest Reserve
  6. Idanre Forest Reserve
  7. Ise Forest Reserve
  8. Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve
  9. Oba Hills Forest Reserve
  10. Okeluse Forest Reserve
  11. Okomu Forest Reserve
  12. Oluwa Forest Reserve
  13. Omo Forest Reserve
  14. Sambisa Forest Reserve

Which of them have you visited?

Images will come as we visit them one after the other

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