10 most photographed Trees in Nigeria

Trees and green spaces offer multiple health benefits from allergy reductions to increases in self-esteem and mental wellbeing.

During each adventure in Nigeria, there is always that special tree that you wil look at twice and get carried away by the magnificence or enchantment of such tree; they are usually Iroko, Baobab, Pine trees or even Jacaranda, just to mention a few.

Aside this trees capturing your eyes, most have some stories and mythological believes that comes with it.

For example, there is a very tall tree in Okada Edo State that nobody must cut down or trim, its the locals believe passed on from their ancestors.

In the Nigeria jungle adventures, here are 10 of the most frequently seen trees and their location.



Tree 1 Picture One:

Iroko Tree: Level 2 of Olumirin Waterfalls, Erin Ijesha. Photo:@adedotunajibade

Tree 2 Picture Two:

OAU, Ile Ife Osun State  Photo:@bolajohnphotography .

Tree 3 Picture Three:

Juju Rock, Jebba Kwara State
Photo: @adedotunajibade .

Tree 4 Picture Four:

Baobab Tree,Iyamopo Hill, Oyo State

Tree 5 Picture Five

Baobab Tree Dutse Hill,Abuja
Photo: @mouthed_k .


Tree 6 Picture Six:

Ado Awaiye Tree at the Suspended Lake of Oke Ado.
Oyo State

Tree 7 Picture Seven

Unilag Water Front, Lagos State.
Photo: @adedotunajibade


Tree 8 Picture Eight:

Agbokim Twin Tree, Cross River State
Photo: @adedotunajibade


Tree 9 Picture Nine

Treehouse, LCC Lagos State
Photo:@dotun55 .

Tree 10 Picture Ten:

Agulu Lake Imo State

Which of them do you know?

And we also believed the Tree at the Suspended Lake of Ado Awaiye on Oke Ado-Awaiye would be the most photographed tree picture in Nigeria.

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