5 days Adventure Trave Guide to Ghana.

Imagine yourself paddling a kayak towards an island through the dense belly of the Lake Volta. Can you picture walking side by side with little village kids on your way chasing a waterfall? Maybe a bike trek along the tarred street of Accra.. How does diving into a warm lake on a mid night, back stroking and your eyes glancing at the beautiful studded stars? If any of these wild trips sound like a great way to spend your holiday, then adventure travel may be for you.

The birds chirping, the water splashing, the leaves rustling side by side to the gentle evening breeze, a luminous star-studded sky, here we are 9 Nigerians on an island in Ghana for purely an adventure travel, it was our end of the year must do adventure -A Ghana-Must-Do! The adventure started with a road trip from Lagos, shopping in various border across Togo and Benin republic.

Here is a recap of a memorable 5 days adventure trip:

Day 1 –Survival Island

We boarded a bus from Accra and headed straight to Anum, a remote village in the Volta region. Our destination was Survival Island, an  island on the Lake Volta (largest manmade lake in the world built by Kwame Nkrumah). To get to the island, you have to hike 45 minutes, then abseil down into a kayak. Our expedition started with us kayaking 7km on Lake Volta to the island. We camped there for the night (the guys in hammocks and the ladies in a tent).At mid night we dived into the lake Volta to have a swim and as we breaststroke, the sky was so beautiful and studded with stars.

Day 2-New year in a Ghanaian Village

The morning of day 2, we prepared delicious meal of fried yam with grilled tilapia fish. We had training on what to do in the event that our kayak capsized and how to rescue someone whose kayak capsized. The evening of the same day,  we took another bus heading to Hohoe. Our aim was to chase the waterfall and spend a new-year in a remote village. We lodged into our hut accommodation owned by a German couple and on the eve we took a stroll into the village to experience what new year eve would be like in a village, while some Christian villagers were in the church, majority were out dancing. We soon joined them and danced around the village till we got exhausted and retired back to bed,

Day 3 Hiking Mountains and Chasing Waterfalls

The morning of day 3, we took a bus this time we headed 14km for a hike at Afadja Mountain, Ghana’s tallest point at 885m above sea level. The hike took us about 3 hours in and out. At the summit you could see a stretch of other mountains around.

After the hike we retired back to our lodge. In the evening of same day, we took some bicycles we got at our resort and headed out to the village  We visited Wli resort- which comprises of the lower and upper fall, we only could make the lower as the hike to the upper will take some 3-5 hours. Wli falls is known to be the highest fall in Africa.

Day 4-Nightlife Accra

We headed back to Accra on a 5 hours drive. At Accra, we decided to experience Accra nightlife. At the heart of Accra, is a popular bar called The republic-a popular hangout spot in Osu(Ghana’s CBD), the Africa poetry night was on, and we soon joined in. At the bar we met with other travelers from Germany, Switzerland, American and the rest, most were on a volunteer program in a remote Ghanaian village and Benin republic. At around 12 midnight, we all decided to take a stroll around Jamestown-the heart of Accra , there we met a reggae man playing his guitar , we all sang along and chorused to the beautiful song of Bob Marley-No woman no cry.,

Day 5- Back to Nigeria

Visited Accra mall, and later went to the popular Makola market. By the same evening we prepare to head back to Nigeria.



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