Camping Unplugged is an outdoor adrenaline based event created to make people disconnect from their gadget and connect to Nature. In this three days the following are what you should expect:

    • Some fab, inspirational speakers to get you all (camp) fired up again 
    • Some workshops in the wilderness to build your communication skills and knowledge 
    • An opportunity to sleep in tents, hammocks, star gaze and a cathartic experience to knock out solutions to increase  your productivity.
    • A range of “calm and later strenuous” activities to soothe body and soul.
    • Great local food – delicious local produce to be cooked and  enjoyed in the fresh air.
    • Live music from participant soulful singers to acoustic guitar sets.
    • The great outdoors in one of the most stunning parts of the country 
    • Yoga Session, Karate Lessons
    • Trade secret Sessions
    • The art of Storytelling (African Folklore)

Here is how all fits together:


You’ll have the chance to network professionally, socialise, relax and generally enjoy the company of your comms colleagues in person.

Be Active

There’ll be walks, yoga, maybe a bit of dancing to live music. You won’t be sitting still for long – we’ll be encouraging you not to, in fact.


Take Notice

We’ll be in beautiful surroundings with nature and wildlife all around us. Time to sit back, reflect and enjoy the great outdoors.


Keep Learning

With a great line-up of speakers among fellow campers and camp leaders you’re bound to find out something you didn’t know. And you’ll learn from each other too.



– The Concept –

The  idea was born from the fact that we all need a break in this fast-paced lives we are living. A time to rediscover ourselves and a great opportunity to unplug from our usual reliance on tech and get back to basics.  Pack your backpack and your sleeping bag, throw in a pen and notepad and leave your troubles behind you for an entirely different experience with 11 other strangers. 


– Activities :


Our yoga teacher will guide you through a non-challenging, not-too-serious hour of hatha yoga. Her natural warmth will have you relaxing into a downward dog in no time. Please bring mats / towels and wear comfortable, loose clothing.

Fresh Air Fridays

On Fridays we teach simple tools and techniques to improve people’s understanding of how to support their own wellbeing. We do this through taking groups of people outside into nature and exploring 12 key themes in a way that allows them to build good habits to enjoy healthier, happier lives with greater purpose and joy!


Marvelling at the wonders of the night sky free from light pollution. 


N25,000 per participant. Make a deposit payment of N10,000 to book your slot.

Account Number: 217883890

Bank:Zenith Bank


Your physical and mental wellbeing is important in all areas of your life – if you can achieve that balance everything falls into place.

So sign up the form below indicating your skills.



are practical tips on how you can appreciate the night sky at home without any expensive equipment.


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