The Dictionary of  Nigerian Adventures-A Satirical Compilation


The very first such dictionary was that by the Persian Nizam-od-Din Obayd-i Zakani, when he wrote  lexicon back in the 14th century. For centuries, this humor have travelled well over intervening cultures, Among writers who have joined this “bandwagon” is our very own Nigerian Teju Cole, in his Essays-Known and Strange Things . But satirical dictionaries came into their own in the post-Victorian era. In 1913, Gustave Flaubert’s , posthumously published a satirical definitions with the title -Dictionary of Received Ideas. All these, have one thing in common- lazy lines of brilliant wit.

Apparently I have always been entranced by the idea of a satirical dictionary. In this effort I try to recreate my experience with my travel around Nigeria to give punning but true definition. I hope most can relate with this:

AGBOKIM -Home to a flowing magic- can you hear the sound “abraka dabra”?


BAUCHI– just repeat “Bauchi”.

CHAPPAL WADDI-A little more altitude, a little less attitude.

EPEO-fish-ially a tourist destination.

FARIN RUWA-cry me a River. .

GURARA– Water e no get enemy!

IDANRE!-Nature’s romance! The land kisses the Skies and left onlookers speechless.

IKOGOSI WARM SPRING– Make up your mind! You’re half way cold half way hot.

JEBBA-Where Mr Mungo finally Parked JOS-Inactive volcanoes -active turmoils.

KAINJI-Dam it!

KAJURU CASTLE-Fairytales!.

LUFASI PARK–a date with nature.

MOUNT PATTI– And the disciples gathered on Mount Patti. Sound biblical right?

MAMBILLA– Tea hot tea! Did I mention Tea?

NGWO– Tall pines, soft Okpa, enchanting waterfalls.

OWU– A wonder in the wilderness .

OBUDU– Ali in the wonderland.

OLUMO– Hiking goats and hiding places.

OSUN GROVES– Disney land of Orishas.

PLATEAU-Two! A table for Two!

RIYOM ROCKS-And on the eighth day of creation, he carefully folded some rocks for laundry .

SHERE HILLS-granite rocks, hikers first love.

TARKWA BAY– Two Rastamen trying to sound Jamaican

UDI HILLS– Cool breeze. It’s kind of Coal in here.


YANKARI–Hausa say ‘Yankari’, Yoruba say ‘Ire a Kari’.

ZOO-Shhhh a minute silent to their bemoan their current state .

ZUMA ROCK- Rockstar-All Eyez on me.






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