As an adventurer or a travel enthusiast, you have plenty of options to play with when it comes to exploring things. Adventurers have various ways to break out of the mold. From our numerous trip, here are 10 kinds of adventurers we’ve had. Some people encompasses 2 or more of these characters. What kind of adventurer are you?

Photo adventurer-

The guy with camera on his neck. Moving from one angle to the other for a perfect shot.He or she makes pictures not just of a scene, but about it,too. They produced pictures that gives someone that never visited the scene a feel and emotions experienced there 


The Adrenaline Junkie-

These are the energy source for most group on an adventure. They are usually crazy but in cool way obviously. For them no risk is too far-fetched. They are always willing to try what other perceived as crazy or dangerous


Sporty Adventurer-

Very physically fit Adventurers. They lead the pack in most hiking activities. They keep going like they are never gonna be tired.

Traveler’s Adventurer-

Carefully reads and notice everything about the new environment. Always having a question to ask about the new environment. Ends his/her adventure taking home a souvenir- usually a physical object of they place visited.

Nature Lover-

Spends most time of the adventure time observing and experiencing the nature.


The Wildlife/Nature lover-

A wildlife enthusiasts, who wanted to quench their thirst for adventure by spending time with wild animals.They mostly are people with good educational background of wildlife. 

The “Here for the gram” Adventurers-

He/She is here solely for the selfies. 15minutes into a hike, and there are more than 50 selfies already. Not so much interested in whatever is going on aside the photos. A complete opposite of the Travel Adventurer.

The Tourist Adventurer-


Often there to look around and see the notables “must see”. 

The Nomad

Often, adventurers seek the path less travelled. The nomads though, take it to a whole new level. Whether it’s a new city, village or hobnobbing with people of different cultures, the nomads are out there soaking it all in. Their mantra is simple – keep moving.

The “I cannot comma kill myself” adventurer-
They take things easy- one step at a time because they didn’t coman and kill themselves. Usually enjoying the adventure at their own pace. 

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