Ajala Month of September-Zainob Fashola

Our “Ajala series” is a category dedicated to the wild travelers and galivanters out there.

All galivants are equals but some galivants are more equal than the other


  • Introduce your self

My name is Zainob Fashola, I am a travel writer/vlogger on ZeeGoes.com during my down time, and a beauty entrepreneur 80% of the time. I also contribute monthly as a travel writer on Guardian Nigeria and I recently stepped up my travel vlogging game, so you can check my videos out on YouTube and Facebook. When I’m not working or on an adventure, I read voraciously, go on food hunts with friends, and sleep more than a human probably should.


  • So, to begin with, Solo or Group travel- which do you prefer? And why?

Usually, solo, but that is now changing. I got burned by a few group experiences but I have done a few in the past year that were amazing. So, it depends. 98% of my past travels were solo, the future might be different.


  • What is “Adventure” to you in one word?


Tell us some of your travel escapades in Nigeria, what is the best so far and why? Eating correct pounded yam with my friends in Ilesa, Osun State. We had just spent half the day on the road, then a few hours hiking through Olumirin waterfall, the hunger was real at that point. The minute we had the mounds of freshly pounded yam with a bottle of Trophy beer in front of us, life was good. Whenever I drive by Trophy’s signboard of “Honourable lo mo Honourable”, I always chuckle to myself and think back on that moment.


  • What’s your wildest adventure so far and why?

That’s a hard one…a split between exploring Australia and Vietnam. Both were amazing in so many ways, but let’s focus on Australia instead. Australia pushed me out of my comfort zone constantly. From camping out in the outbacks with the fear of dingoes at the back of my mind, to sailing around the Whitsundays, to swimming with the amazing sea creatures in the Great Barrier Reef. I did my first Bungee jump, surfed, camped, petted a koala, hung out with some kangaroos, sailed with way too many crocodiles, learned how throw a boomerang and an amazing amount more. Australia was amazing.

  • What’s your very earliest memory of adventuring.

Walking around Paris with a massive baguette and cheese with a bottle of wine when I was twenty years old. I didn’t want to spend my day struggling with other travelers at the museums, so I dragged some friends to spend a day strolling around different corners of the city and that was amazing.  jala


  • Do you have a bucket list or you just travel randomly?

Randomly, I would love to visit some specific countries, but most countries I visit are usually last minute random decisions.


  • What do you love the most about travelling?

The new experience of each day and challenges that come with it.



  • If you were to be the Minister of tourism for just a week what change would you bring to the Nigerian tourism?

Restructuring our borders and putting a system in place that keeps the human factor of tourism in check. Once the human resources are in check, everything else can move forward in steps.




Origin of the word “Ajala”-

Ajala is an African version of what Europe had -Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, and Marco Polo, Asia had its Ibn Battuta and Zheng He and Africa had OLABISI AJALA. A very Nigerian man at heart and a proud African in soul, Ajala shattered all records of travel, voyaging into lands that no black person had ever seen not to talk of setting their feet there. Ajala had the world in hands, based on this we shall be naming this column in his memory. Read about other Ajalas .


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