Explore this forest, No Need for Forex

Adventure is fun but can it be affordable? Yes it can. Most places we visit for adventure abroad have a close substitute in Nigeria. Trust me Nigeria has a lot of amazing places you can visit without breaking the banks.

Well, here is a chic list of some spectacular places in Nigeria that will give you a little sense of Déjà vu. These places are Nigeria  destinations, looking similar  like places you spot in international travel magazines like National Geo. Enjoy!

1-Prestigious  Neuschwanstein castle in Germany and our Kajuru Castle in Kaduna



2-Wikki Warm Spring, Bauch and Devils Eye Springs , Florida USA

3-Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar and Mau Son, Loc Binh, Vietnam



4-Mount Patti Lokoja and Tables Mountain South Africa



5-Mambilla Plateau, Taraba and Cameron Highlands, Malaysia



6-Matsirga Falls Kaduna and Popular Chitrakote falls, Indiaa


7-LCC Canopy wal, Lagos and Kew Canopy walk, Royal garden London


8-Confluence of Niger and Benue in Lokoja  and Popular Negro and Solimoes in Brazil




9-Agbokim falls in Cross Rivers and one of the most popular fall in the world-Iguazu falls


10-Awhum Limestone Cave in Enugu and Slot Canyon in U.S.A

Picture source-Adedotun


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This post was written by Mayo Blades and inspired by Adedotun Ajibade

  1. Imageculture

    What a great effort.

  2. Hmm! Lovely,some of the Nigerian shot looks more beautiful than that of abroad. Interesting

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