10 Nigerian Tourist Places And Their Close International Counterparts

Explore this forest, No Need for Forex

Adventure is fun but can it be affordable? Yes it can. Most places we visit for adventure abroad have a close substitute in Nigeria. Trust me Nigeria has a lot of amazing places you can visit without breaking the banks.

Well, here is a chic list of some spectacular places in Nigeria that will give you a little sense of Déjà vu. These places are Nigeria  destinations, looking similar  like places you spot in international travel magazines like National Geo. Enjoy!

1-Prestigious  Neuschwanstein castle in Germany and our Kajuru Castle in Kaduna



2-Wikki Warm Spring, Bauch and Devils Eye Springs , Florida USA

3-Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar and Mau Son, Loc Binh, Vietnam



4-Mount Patti Lokoja and Tables Mountain South Africa



5-Mambilla Plateau, Taraba and Cameron Highlands, Malaysia



6-Matsirga Falls Kaduna and Popular Chitrakote falls, Indiaa


7-LCC Canopy wal, Lagos and Kew Canopy walk, Royal garden London


8-Confluence of Niger and Benue in Lokoja  and Popular Negro and Solimoes in Brazil




9-Agbokim falls in Cross Rivers and one of the most popular fall in the world-Iguazu falls


10-Awhum Limestone Cave in Enugu and Slot Canyon in U.S.A

Picture source-Adedotun


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This post was written by Mayo Blades and inspired by Adedotun Ajibade


  1. Balogun AbdulAzeez

    What a great effort.

  2. mouthed_k

    Hmm! Lovely,some of the Nigerian shot looks more beautiful than that of abroad. Interesting

  3. Maria

    Wow this is interesting

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