Ajala Of The Month Of July-Ms. Maria Ajayi

Our “Ajala series” is a category dedicated to the wild travelers and galivanters out there.

All galivanter are equals but some galivanters are more equal than the other

Introduce your self

I am Maria Temitope Ajayi, I am in between an extrovert and introvert. I enjoy having a good laugh and travelling, I do have a phobia for cats and heights of which I am beginning to overcome that of heights

Mount Patti, Lokoja


So to begin with, Solo or Group travel- which do you prefer? And why?

I definitely enjoy group travels because it is more fun, with group travels we get to have and create wonderful memories for ourselves. The mix of people from different cultures and background, I will say spices up the trip. It also gives room for learning too.

What is “Adventure” to you in one word?

Fresh – air

Erin Ijesha,Osun State
Obangogo Hills, Kabba Kogi

Tell us some of your travel escapades in Nigeria, what is the best so far and why?

Just to mention a few I have been to Erin-Ijesha (Osun state), Obagango hills (Kogi state), Owu waterfall (Kwara state), Mount Patti (Kogi state) and My Idanre Hills (Ondo state)
The waterfalls are simply just beautiful. They simply remind me of how Mighty God is.
The best so far for me would be Idanre Hills I refer to it as the foreign hill, I know I am being partial on this one because I got proposed to here which holds magical memories to me. The next on my list is Mount Patti, I got to meet amazing people from different regions.. They gave me lasting impressions which I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. I am glad I went on that trip, shout-out to all Dafeyo housemates.


What’s your very earliest memory of adventuring

My earliest memory of adventure is over 10 years ago, when we camped over 2000ft above sea level in Wales, UK.
Reminiscing now about it, it was sensational, I felt so close to the clouds in the middle on nowhere. I slept under the twinkling stars.. It was such a beauty to experience.

Confluence of River Niger & Benue, Lokoja

Do you have a bucket list or you just travel randomly?

Idanre Hills, Ondo

I actually do have a bucket list… I think I need to update it.

What do you love the most about travelling?

The first thing I enjoy the most about travelling is sightseeing, listening to tales about my attractions, eating something new and yummy.

Three things you can’t travel without?

My Bible, Phone and Money


We love because it’s the only true adventure

-Nikki Giovanni

Love @Idanre Hills




Love @Owu waterfalls, Kwara State



Origin of the word “Ajala”-
Ajala is an African version of what Europe had -Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, and Marco Polo, Asia had its Ibn Battuta and Zheng He and Africa had OLABISI AJALA. A very Nigerian man at heart and a proud African in soul, Ajala shattered all records of travel, voyaging into lands that no black person had ever seen not to talk of setting their feet there. Ajala had the world in hands, based on this we shall be naming this column in his memory. Watch this space!

You get featured in our “Ajala series” if you meet the following criteria-

1-Love adventure and travelling.

2-Travelled to more than 10 beautiful tourist places whether in Nigeria or abroad.

3-Have beautiful pictures of your adventure escapades.

Send a request to naidrenalin.com.ng

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