Owu Waterfalls-A Wonder In The Wilderness

Is there anything that captures nature’s majesty more than a waterfall? I think not!

After my visit to Erin Ijesha, chasing waterfalls had this a sequence-Get to the place-Pay for ticket-Here is the waterfall-Catch Fun-Take Pictures-Say Bye.

Then we got to Owufalls and the algorithm changed.

It was mostly Trek-Trek-Keep trekking, Trek some more, a little more and Yup! Welcome you’ve  finally literally chased a waterfall.

There was only one way to get to Owu and it is through a narrow path that cuts across a thick woodland forest.

If not for the tour guide that led the journey I would have giving up and turned back (ok seriously I wouldn’t though) but we kept walking paths that wind up through the woodland and still no network service or even a glimpse of the cascades and waterfalls.

Oga! Please where is the waterfall?

This was truly a chase after waterfall, we kept on hiking and taking pictures along the way and finally I saw from afar water gushing out from a very tall ridge.

Wow wow wow! Finally Owu falll- A wonder in the wilderness.

I always start by taking pictures of the waterfall first, but I was too overwhelmed that I pulled my clothes and ran into the waters.

Started with a short meditation, the water gushed out at high pressure battering the mossy rocks and my body moved undulated to the thumping rhythm of the waterfall.

The hydro massage soothed  the long ache from hiking, I look up to the camera and wish I could visit this place after every  hectic day.Nature is indeed a healer!

We tried estimating the height of the waterfall after the tour guide told us this was the tallest in West Africa, from our estimate it should be approximately 22 Jamals (name of the guy standing close to the waterfall),as we watched close from a distance.That is about 120-140 meters.

We all enjoyed this beauty, the tranquility, the scenery later we grilled and everything came really excellent then it was time to hike back to our bus.

At the end, I took home an injury as souvenir despite the “You go wound o” look those Rocks gave.

So should you visit? Yes of course you should. I haven’t been to many falls but Owu falls is so far my best experience.
It depicts the saying “patient dog eats the fattest bone”. Will you be patient enough?

Location & Directions-

Owu falls is in Owa Onire village, Ifelodun L.G.A Kwara state, located approximately 5 hours’ drive from Lagos.You drive through Ibadan (Oyo), Osogbo (Osun), Offa (Kwara) then Omu Aran (where Landmark university is located) and finally Owa Onire (you will see the signpost by the roadside pointing to the road that leads to the village)

The fall is 7km to the village of  Owa Onire. To find Owufalls, you would first have to visit it with a local as it is still not yet a touristy environment, because getting directions there can be complicated. Lately, the locals have turned it into a bit more of an accessible and less dangerous. One advice, never go alone and if you must do first visit the Chief’s house, that way you get a tour guide to accompany you

Wear comfortable shoes – trainers or hiking boots are strongly advised.

Entrance fee – Free apart from a freewill donation you can willingly give to the community

Time to visit

I recommend going in the morning, it is still less sunny,  the long hike won’t be accompanied by a basking sun.

Most waterfalls during raining season  are very slippery so it’s better you walk around barefoot. Shoes lose grip, you slide everywhere, and you eventually take them off anyways.

This spot should be into a natural reserve or some sort of resort, but I don’t believe that is going to happen very soon. But the locals have made it much more accessible by car, at least to certain distance.





  1. Maria

    My best waterfall yet

  2. Lara

    Owu falls is by far my best waterfall visited, I have only chased 3.

    I totally get this post because it was the same feeling I got when I visited.


    • naidrenalin_

      Wow what’s your third? I know Erin Ijesha is your second. Planning on gurara end of this month

  3. Moises Sutton

    Hello to every body, it’s my first visit of this weblog; this blog carries remarkable and actually good information in favor of readers.

  4. Adediran Michael

    I would really love to visit the place but the fear of herdsmen attack turns me off. Is the environment safe enough?

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