Ajala Of The Month Of May-Kunbi Adefule

Naidrenalin had an interview with Kunbi, a wild traveler and adventurer who lives in McAllen, Texas. She shared her travel experiences and advice for travelers, especially how to travel on a budget.


How did you discover your passion to travel the world?


My first time traveling internationally was in 2001 to the United States. I came with my mom and younger sister. We visited Atlanta and California. I was fascinated. In 2004, I migrated to the United States for college. Traveling then was a trip back home to Nigeria. That changed in 2007 when I took a cruise to Bahamas with a friend. This trip ignited a passion to see more so in 2008, I gave myself a graduation gift – a two months trip to Guatemala and the rest is history.



What does the word “adventure ” mean to you?

Adventure to me means going out of your comfort zone to experience things you normally wouldn’t do.

How many countries have you been to so far?

So far, I have been to 58 countries

Which is of them is your favorite and why?


I don’t have one favorite country. Countries such as Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Kenya, Dominica and Jamaica have a special place in my heart. I always have a great experience when I visit the countries listed. I have lifelong friends in Colombia and last year Dec, I became godmother to two beautiful girls. My favorite cafe (Cafe Baviera) is in Guatemala. I strongly believe Dominica has the best Rum – my drink of choice. Cuba is life. In my past life, I was probably Kenyan.


What have you learnt from traveling over the years?

I have learnt that we all have a lot more in common than we are aware of. Exploring the similarities, we have is way more rewarding than dwelling of the difference.


How much has traveling changed your view of the world?

People are people all over the world. Every country has its percentage of amazing folks, crazies and so on. Although it might seem that you have it better than others in the world, it is not your place to define happiness for others.



What are some interesting places in Nigeria you have visited?

Between September 2012 and January 2014, I was fortunate to explore Badagry, Osun State, Ogun State, Ekiti State, Oyo State, Ondo State and many parts of Lagos State. I will be forever fascinated by the historic vibe of Oyo and Ogun State, the waterfalls of Osun and Ekiti state, the vibrant nature of Lagos state and the cool hills of Ondo state.

My top favorite are Idanre Hill, Alafin palace, Erin Ijesha Waterfalls, Arinta Waterfalls and Olumo Rock.

Traveling solo or traveling in a group?

My prefer mode of travel is Solo. It gives me the flexibility to do what I want when I want. I have had a few amazing group travel.


Is a typical Nigerian adventurous?

Hmm, I don’t know. In my circle of Nigerian friends, a lot of people travel and explore Nigeria and other countries.


Airports always tell a huge story about a new city, what airport were you really fascinated about and why?

Lol, I actually dislike airports. I made it a point to leave the airport if my layover is long enough. I usually arrive at airport with just enough time to go through security, I check in at home and I don’t check in a bag.


Best regards,

When you’re not traveling what are you doing?

I am a teacher, I am teaching

Origin of the word “Ajala”-

Ajala is an African version of what Europe had -Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, and Marco Polo, Asia had its Ibn Battuta and Zheng He and Africa had OLABISI AJALA. A very Nigerian man at heart and a proud African in soul, Ajala shattered all records of travel, voyaging into lands that no black person had ever seen not to talk of setting their feet there. Ajala had the world in hands, based on this we shall be naming this column in his memory. Watch this space!

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