5:30 am and I am awake, trying to reach our driver but to avail, his number is not reachable.

Jeez! This can’t happen at this last minute.
I took my bath and hurried to the bus stop, we had agreed a day before to meet there but he wasn’t there waiting either.

My patience was getting tested and I flunked like a terrible student, another quick arrangement had to be made for another car else these people waiting for me will eat me raw with ketchup.

I searched my phone for my backup drivers. Ola.. Hmmm nope, Akunyun…hmm may be.


Hello, Hello Ejo we need an urgent bus o to Erin Ijesha.

Erin kini?


Finally,after too many calls one of them agreed to carry us but for a much higher fee, he was playing on the fact that we needed him more than he needed us.

But you know God works in mysterious way right? A call came in and it was that my first driver.

Hello, haba kilode, why did you have to behave like this now?


Anyway, his excuse was that he had issues with his bus so he will be bringing another bus.


You know what- All Nigerian must make heaven I swear, we’ve gone through hell already, and only two people won’t make heaven- a Nigerian Tailor and A driver.
There is always an excuse!

He came finally at 7:30 am, I was already worried and getting mad, he brought a rickety old Toyota Hiace bus.

But do we have a choice? No! So Erin Ijesha here we go.


We jumped into the bus and the journey began on a musical note.

You think say the world they rotate around your bum bum, Mr Eazy was blaring through the speaker as our Bum Bum revolved around the potholes the driver was bumping into like he can’t see them.

2 hours 30 minutes and the journey was smooth, in an hour we should be saying hello to Erin ijesha .

But nah the driver stopped to refuel, and that was the beginning of our nemesis.

And the Bus has “Alubarika as a sticker”

Oya we have finish refueling lets go, rara o the car now refused to move, you know how you overfeed yourself and can’t even get up, that was just how the car felt, too pampered with fuel it refused to start up, we tried everything we could but nba the car said No, try again later.      


Anyway luck shine on us again, a mechanic came around and as our elders will say if your mechanic is named after any of the days of the week, he only knows two things that can be wrong with your car- CHOCK ABSOBAH or FAN BELT, but to our dismay this one wasn’t, so after 14 minutes of rub and touch they finally hit the G spot and the car started working. 

Fada lawd! What is happening again this time?? Who is the Jonah in this Bus? Please come down and let this bus go!

The driver said it was the brake pad, that took another 30 minutes to fix it, the Russian mafia spirit in me was on steroids, I was already thinking of shooting this silly driver but then what’s an adventure without mishaps?

That was the question that brought me to calm, so she continues-“this is the adventure part, us stopping in between our journey to repair the car, waiting earnestly for the mechanic, that’s Adventure! And at that moment I was calm like a dove (She just pressed my mumu button on repeat).

After this repair, none again came up again till we got to Erin Ijesha. Welcome to Olumirin Waterfall, Erin Ijesha




The landscape as we entered was heavenly, I went Negro spiritual!

Brethren Da Lawd is good! All da time!

We got down from the car and went in pairs, that way no one will get lost. From previous gist, we were told it was 7 steps to the top.

We started from bottom and we are still at the bottom- Step one wasy easy, we played around the water, some Awwwwwwnnn moment and step two here we go.

Step two is where the wonder sits, it is so beautiful, I went straight under the waters, the hydro massage was a soft work.


Now Hiking time, blessing time! We are now ready to hike and some are already tired? Edakun we are just starting o, every tiring spirit oya inside fire!

We started, stage 3 then 4 and then people started chickening out!

Biko I must reach that last step.

We were now lesser with some people behind, we continued to stage 5.

And that was where the lesson of life began, on our way we met different people who tried to discourage us.

“Aha the 7 step is still 3 hours from here o, better go back”

But we’ve got the “Blackman” blood in us, we must conquer! We continued and gradually it was a flat land no steep or whatsoever.

So, are we now at the 7th step?

Last Air Bender

Well we continued walking till finally we saw a village across, some plucked guavas and paw paw others like me wanted to see that light at the end of the tunnel first and we continue as we now know we haven’t gotten to the end.

So was there light at this end of the tunnel? Nba it was just a stream! Mtchew, so this is the end?

At last here we are! In Ekiti state, we’ve just literally walked from Osun to Ekiti!

And I added that to my bucket list, on so so day I Mufasa the son of lagbaja walked from one state to another state. Wanna beat that?

Erin Ijesha in one word- Beautiful haven! (Ok that’s two words)
I wish the government can make a better landscape out of it and map it out well but all the same Erin Ijesha is a place every adventurer should visit in Nigeria.

Next stop- Idanre Hills

Share with us your adventurous trips!

pre wedding Pisho?



Hiking through Erin Hills
Olumirin Waterfalls


  • -Erin Ijesha waterfalls was discovered in the year 1140AD.
  • It has 7 stages and 3 major falls.
  • Legend has it that after the death of Oduduwa, the people of present day Erin-Ijesha migrated from Ile-Ife.
  • At the 7 stage, you’re already in Ekiti state.
  • Entrance fee is 500 Naira, if you have a camera you pay extra 500 Naira.
  • Don’t hike with bare foot, go with your hiking shoes.
  • The Name “Olumirin” named after the waterfalls means in english “Another god”-



  1. Awesome!
    Your description is just fantastic.
    Making me feel I was there already.

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